Bob Brown Pancreatic Cancer Survivor
Bob's Story.....

He was just a regular guy with an absolutely wonderful life - a supportive, loving wife, Linda; two endearing children, Taylor and Colton; and a exceptionally fulfilling job as the president of a well known consumer goods company.

He enjoyed many of the perks that were the benefits of his hard work: the house, the cars (including the obligatory 50-year-old guy car: a dark red Corvette), and a small group of longtime friends.  He and Linda enjoyed cooking and entertaining, dining out with friends, local sports and traveling with their children.

Then, in 2008, at age 50, after a short mysterious illness, he was diagnosed with stage III inoperable pancreatic cancer, and began a frightening, all-consuming journey into the world of this life threatening disease.  His moderately small tumor had been detected early, but was wrapped around the superior mesenteric artery, and had infiltrated his portal vein.

He underwent months of chemotherapy, followed by radiation supplemented with additional chemo in an attempt to achieve the nearly impossible: become operable before the cancer had spread.  After the treatments ended, he was told that they had not worked, that he was not operable, would never become operable, and that he should prepare himself for the inevitable.  He researched and sought additional surgical opinions.  In October 2008, Dr. John Chabot of Columbia/New York Presbyterian Pancreas Center determined that there were adequate margins for a Whipple surgery to be attempted.  Because of Bob's extensive chemo and radiation therapies, the surgery was long and complicated and led to an extended recovery that lasted months.  The post surgical pathology reports showed positive margins, indicating that cancer remained in his pancreas and lymph nodes. Bob again sought multiple treatment options, and decided upon a very aggressive regimen of chemotherapy, which lasted several more months.

Finally, in June of 2009, after almost 18 months of fighting the battle, he was declared NED (no evidence of disease).

Today, five years after his diagnosis, Bob remains in long-term remission.

Bob's story has been featured on TV, print and billboards in New York Presbyterian's "Amazing Things Are Happening Here" national advertising campaign.  He is a frequent guest speaker at events in the cancer community, is a Survivor Volunteer for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and talks regularly with newly diagnosed patients offering them guidance, hope, and a compassionate shoulder to lean on.

His memoir about his cancer journey titled The Ride Of My Life - A Fight To Survive Pancreatic Cancer, has received widespread praise for it's candid, humorous and inspiring story of hope.  It has become the go-to book for those newly diagnosed patients and their families, to learn what's ahead in the PC battle.

He continues to consult for several consumer product manufacturers, and manages a delightful and rewarding children's entertainment business at 

He and Linda (a colon cancer survivor) continue to live in New Jersey with their two children.

 Videos from Bob's Interviews, Speaking Engagements, and TV Spots

                      Cancer survivor Bob Brown speaking at TJ Martell Foundation NJ Walk-A-Thon
      "My Journey of Survival"                        TJ Martell Foundation-  Oct. '12
  NYP Nat'l Survivor's Day June '12                  New Jersey Walk-A-Thon
      New York Presbyterian                                     Dr. John Chabot explains
       "Amazing Things" TV Ad                                     Bob's case & treatment    

     An extended Interview for                                 An interview with Bob at 
NY Presbyterian website                                     his home in early 2011

    "Life after a Whipple surgery"                            The journey From Stage 3                     NYP PC Awareness Day '12                           inoperable to NED - Nov '11  


Read The Inspiring Memoir of a PC Survivor

The Ride Of My Life

A Fight To Survive Pancreatic Cancer

by Bob Brown

Insightful, humorous, and inspiring memoir of self-descibed "regular guy" Bob Brown's courageous battle with pancreatic cancer and his journey through the medical community to save his life.  In a conversational tone that feels like you’re chatting with a lifelong friend, Bob shares the play-by-play of his fight to stay alive and make the right treatment decisions, affirms the difference a positive attitude can make, and celebrates the unexpected gift of a new perspective on life.

What would you do upon hearing your doctor utter the words "inoperable pancreatic cancer"?  If you or someone you love has been diagnosed, this amazing story of survival will move you, amuse you, and instill hope in your heart. 

                                    Order your copy today!

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